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The Citation bot is a piece of software designed to expand and fix citations on Wikipedia.

Among other things, it adds missing Digital object identifiers, makes sure they are correctly formatted, corrects misspelled parameters in commonly used citation templates, and adds missing information (such as title, journal, page numbers, etc.).

Using the Citation bot

You can ask the Citation bot to look at pages "on demand", which might save you a lot of editing. There are two ways of doing this:

Via a webpage

Bookmark This page contains a form and a few options; you can use it to let the bot know which pages you want it to edit. (In case of problems, a stable, but perhaps out-of-date, version is maintained at tools:~verisimilus/Bot/citation-bot) You can edit all the pages in a given category at

Adding as a widget

Add a widget and a link to automatically correct any references on the current page will be added to your toolbox. Better still, when you edit an article, a button will appear next to "Save page" allowing you to complete and verify any references in the current text before you commit your edit.

Adding a widget couldn't be easier. Just click here and follow the simple instruction provided. No download is required!

Note: By default, this updates your vector.js skin (located at User:USERNAME/vector.js). If you use another skin (such as monobook.js), you will need to edit that skin instead (User:USERNAME/monobook.js).

If you have problems, Smith609 Talk will be pleased to help out!

Why a widget?

Do you ever add references to Wikipedia articles? Do you get frustrated copying and pasting author names, titles, journals, page numbers, etc...? Wouldn't it be nice just to type or paste in only the ISBN, DOI, or PMID and let a bot do the rest?

With the Citation bot, you can.

Just type {{cite doi|10.####/whatever}} or {{cite pmid|12615090}}, , save the page, and set the bot on it – then the bot will fill in all the details you missed!

Or you can paste an Endnote entry directly into a {{cite journal}} container: click the "Citation bot" button underneath the edit area and the bot will convert the format.

Or, are the citations in your page a mess? Missing page numbers, badly formatted fields? Just set the bot on it and it will set things right!

If blocked

Occasionally the bot is blocked due to bugs that the maintainer has not had time to fix. When this happens, the bot itself cannot commit edits, but you can still install its changes by hand. However, you should take special care when this occurs, as the bot-induced bugs are not always obvious. Sometimes, for example, the bot might break wikilinks to a citation, and this won't be easily observable simply by reading the resulting citation.

If the bot is blocked, you can still use the "Citation bot" button, if you have the widget installed. Just be doubly sure to check that you aren't introducing errors.

Results can be confusing when no changes are made by the bot

New users; please note that the results when no changes are made can be confusing. One sees this at the top of the page:

Latest revision _______ Your text.

Followed immediately by the edit window. That means that no changes have been made. When one saves the page hoping for some improved citations one sees no changes, and nothing shows up in the revision history.

When the bot makes changes the bot reports the changes and shows them to you before they are saved. It is very clear. This allows you to choose whether to make further changes before saving.

Bugs and feedback

If you spot a bug with Citation bot, or have an idea of how it can be even more helpful, please report it here.

See also

  • The Reference tool : To convert references in a references section to use the cite journal template (so Citation bot can find them!).
    • The Reference tool is presently disabled (as of August 2011).