The Demopaedia team will be present at the next International Population Conference in Busan.
If you attend the conference, please, come to our oral communication which will be held on Tuesday August 27, from 15:30 to 17:00 (Bexco, room 213). The new Korean dictionary will also be presented in a side meeting organized by the Planned Population Federation of Korea (PPFK) on "Population Issues & Official development assistance" (open to all) at 19:00 (Bexco, room 110).

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* [[Illegal immigration]]
* [[Illegal immigration]]
* [[International migrations]]
* [[International migrations]]
* [[Missing women]]
* [[Reproductive health]]
* [[Reproductive health]]
* [[Remittance]]
* [[Remittance]]

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Welcome to the Population Open Encyclopedia

In order to enrich and update the Multilingual Demographic Dictionary we invite all potential contributors to add terms, concepts etc. that should be introduced in the Population Open Encyclopedia.

  • Have a look at the [[1]] and verify that your expression is not already listed.
  • Click on the edit tab and add a new line below. Enter your new term or expression within double square brackets [[my new expression]]. Add a short resume of your action in the Summary line, for example "term 'Illegal immigration' added", preview and submit.
  • Then click on the red link and enter your definition in English, preview, add a resume line and submit (save). These two submissions have:
  1. created a new line on this main page with a link to a newly created page;
  2. created a page entitled according to your proposition.

  • You can give your opinion on the opportunity to include the terms listed below by clicking on the Discussion tab at the top of this page. You may also use this Discussion page to propose alternate wordings of the definition as well as to ask other contributors for a translation in English of a term you have proposed in your own language.

List of proposed new terms

Getting started

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