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(Ancillary migration)
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*Have you ever heard of '''Ancillary migration'''?
*Have you ever heard of '''Ancillary migration'''?
* Please define illegal migration on your discussion page.
* Please define illegal migration on your discussion page.
I put a defintion in my discussion page.--[[User:Nicolas Brouard|Nicolas Brouard]] 13:20, 27 September 2009 (UTC)

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Spontaneous migration 1, voluntary migration 1 or free migration 1 is the result of the initiative and free choice of the migrants. In the absence of concerted action, the movement is referred to as individual migration 2. When entire families are moving together, the term family migration 3 is sometimes encountered. Secondary migration 4 or ancillary migration 4 is induced by the movement of others, as when children follow the head of the family. The movement of workers or of members of the labor force in response to employment opportunities is referred to as labor migration 5. Moves occurring as a result of marriage and when individuals retire from the labor force are sometimes referred to respectively as marriage migration 6 or retirement migration 7.

  • 4. Although the terms are sometimes used in a different sense (cf. 804-4*), a primary migrant is the person who makes the actual migration decision while a secondary migrant is an individual such as a young child whose migration is the result of another person’s decision. Chain migration or linked migration refers to a pattern of migration to specific places of destination, where a prospective migrant has a relative (114-3*) or friend who has established a residence and is willing to provide information and support.


  • Have you ever heard of Ancillary migration?
  • Please define illegal migration on your discussion page.

I put a defintion in my discussion page.--Nicolas Brouard 13:20, 27 September 2009 (UTC)